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Cotswold Connection offer a wide range of telephone engineer services to residential and business customers throughout
and surrounding areas
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Telephone engineer services include

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Telephone extensions

Telephone extensions for any purpose. Telephone extensions can be installed internally, externally or between buildings.
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Relocation of existing telephone sockets

If your existing telephone sockets are in the wrong place we can relocate them to somewhere more suitable, tidy up existing wiring and replace old and worn cables.
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Broadband installation and repairs

If you require assistance in setting up a new broadband connection then we are able to get you up and running quickly. We provide a range of solutions to get broadband to your computer including wired and wireless options.
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Network cabling

We install network sockets in your home or business to allow you to connect computers or share your internet connection with game consoles or interactive TV on demand.
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Broadband problems

Many broadband faults are caused by the internal wiring in your property and can be resolved quite quickly without the need to spend hours on the phone and days waiting for an engineer.
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Telephone faults

We can diagnose and repair any telephone faults on your own wiring or prove the fault into the external network for you.
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Telephone systems

BT are planning on switching off the PSTN and ISDN network in 2025 which means that older telephone systems will become obsolete and need upgrading to VoIP.
We can provide support for your Panasonic or NEC system or can replace your existing system to the latest VoIP technology.
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Wireless access points can be provided to boost your WiFi signal around your home or office.
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Network Service Status

Up to date Network Service Status can be found for the following Service Providers below:
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